(Polski) O Aida Acoustics

The brand of Aida Acoustics is an expression of our over a decade passion in working with sound. Among the numerous audio equipment manufacturers, we emphasize our distinctiveness in streamlined shapes, which, apart from presenting crystal clear sound, will also show you every smallest of them.

Aida Acoustics uses multi-layer glued enclosures, with very complex geometry of partitions and internal stiffening. The measurable effect of this concept is extremely effective absorption of unwanted resonances and standing waves, which is of great importance for quality of reproduced sound.

Sound waves penetrating through traditional casing are strongly distorted and delayed with respect to waves radial through the speakers, and when they reach the listener, they destroy the reception of music. Uncompromising. The Aida Acoustics approach to enclosure construction provides extraction from transducers and components electronic maximum of their capabilities.

“Bądź nieugięty w swoich marzeniach i wizji ale elastyczny w wyznaczaniu czasu ich realizacji.”

Mateusz Bałabański
CEO&Head Designer

“Relacje z ludźmi są niedocenionym ambasadorem marki.”

Katarzyna Hilczer


“Nowa technologia stwarza możliwości, które zaskakują zaawansowaniem i jednocześnie prostotą.”

Piotr Machnik